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    Version 1.3.46 · 396d0ad3
    Klaus Schmidinger authored
    - Fixed handling broken PMT records (thanks to Marcel Wiesweg for pointing out how
      to detect these).
    - Added a missing "Button$" for the Timer button and "Key$" in skinclassic.c
      (thanks to Rolf Ahrenberg).
    - Fixed broken entry 'A111.1W' in sources.conf (reported by Luca Olivetti).
    - Replaced the obsolete entry 'S21.5E' in the default 'diseqc.conf' with 'S13.0E'
      (reported by Ville Skyttä).
    - Fixed learning keys when VDR is already running (thanks to Jurij Retzlaff).
    - Fixed handling the system time transponder setting in the Setup/EPG menu, which
      was broken by the min/max fix in cMenuEditIntItem.
    - VPS timers now record only events that have exactly the given start time.
      This fix also implements recording several subsequent events that have the
      same VPS time (like a sports event with intermittent news breaks).
    - When checking for timers that have entered the "VPS margin", any free devices are
      now used to switch to the needed transponder. This improves cases where more than
      one VPS timer is about to start.
    - Fixed handling the VPS margin in case the event's duration is shorter than the
    - Fixed handling VPS timers in case the primary device needs to switch to the
      timer's transponder.
    - Now avoiding the 'actual' device when starting a recording, so that a Transfer
      Mode for live tv isn't interrupted.
    - Fixed a typo in skins.h (thanks to Alexander Rieger).
    - cSkins::QueueMessage() called from a background thread with an empty message
      now clears all messages that have been previously queued by that thread and have
      not yet beed displayed (thanks to Alexander Rieger).
    - Fixed handling the color button texts when switching from the 'Schedule' menu of
      a channel without EPG info to the 'What's on now' menu (reported by Rolf
    - cMenuEditIntItem and cMenuEditChanItem can now be given strings to label the
      minimum and maximum values, and the case that no channel has been selected,
    - The initial channel and volume can now be defined in the "Setup/Miscellaneous"
      menu (based on a patch from Thomas Keil).
    - When hitting the end of a recording in fast forward mode, VDR no longer switches
      back to normal speed if the recording is already finished (thanks to Reinhard
    - No longer calling cPlugin::ProcessArgs() if VDR is run with the --help or
      --version option, to avoid error messages from plugins (reported by Udo Richter).
    - Now checking whether there is any text before calling cStatus::MsgOsdTextItem()
      (reported by Joachim Wilke).
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