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    Version 0.05 · 9599a8fd
    Klaus Schmidinger authored
    - Support for more than one DVB card.
    - Simultaneous record and replay (with two DVB cards).
    - Instant recordings no longer get the name "instant". They now get the name
      of the channel, with a prepended '@' character.
    - Timers that are not given an explicit Name now use the channel name with
      a prepended '@' character.
    - If an instant recording is currently active, the Main menu now contains
      an option to stop that recording.
    - Timers are now only processed when the Menu is not active. So after editing
      a timer the effect will take place only after the menu has been closed.
      In order to avoid missing a timer event by inadvertently leaving the menu
      open, the menu will be closed automatically after about two minutes of
    - If a recording is currently being replayed, the Main menu now contains an
      option to stop replaying.
    - Displaying the recording DVB interface status in the decimal points of the
      RCU display.
    - Reduced the number of remote control keys. Modified the key assignments for
      the PC keyboard to better resemble the "up-down-left-right-ok" layout on
      menu controlling remote control units.
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