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    Updated to the latest upstream development version release · d782267d
    etobi authored
    * Updated/Removed debian/patches/*
    * Setting default SVDRP port to 6419 (this was already changed by upstrem)
    * Added BIDI define to 81_Make_config.dpatch
    * Added libfribidi-dev to Build-Depends
    * Added Make.global to vdr-dev.install and 81_Make_config.dpatch
    * Removed BUILDVDR define
    * Added include links via debian/vdr-dev.links to make the include structure
      compatible to vdr standards
    * Removed 03_cmdsubmenu.dpatch (command submenus now integrated in upstream)
    * Removed installation of the sky plugin
    * Added installation of the dvbsddevice plugin
    * Added option LIRC to /etc/default/vdr, which allows to change the LIRC device
      or disabling it by setting it to /dev/null
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