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    Version 1.1.14 · 57bd7eee
    Klaus Schmidinger authored
    - Fixed some faulty default parameter initializations (thanks to Robert Schiele).
    - Added further satellites to 'sources.conf' (thanks to Reinhard Walter Buchner
      and Oliver Endriss).
    - Updated Finnish OSD texts (thanks to Jaakko Hyvätti).
    - Fixed a small glitch when switching channels (thanks to Dennis Noordsij for
      reporting this one).
    - Fixed handling multiple 'CaCaps' entries in 'setup.conf'.
    - Group separators in 'channels.conf' may now be given like ':@201 My Channels',
      where '@201' indicates the number to be given to the next channel. This can be
      used to create 'gaps' in the channel numbering (see 'man 5 vdr'). BE CAREFUL
      'channels.conf' FILE!
    - Timers now internally have a pointer to their channel (this is necessary to
      handle gaps in channel numbers, and in preparation for unique channel ids).
    - Fixed slow reaction on SVDRP input (thanks to Guido Fiala for reporting this one).
    - Added KI.KA to channels.conf.cable (thanks to Robert Schiele).
    - Frequency values for cable and terrestrial channels in 'channels.conf' can
      now be given either in MHz, kHz or Hz. The actual value given will be multiplied
      by 1000 until it is larger than 1000000.
    - Fixed skipping unavailable channels when zapping downwards.
    - Fixed checking the Ca() status of a cDevice (thanks to Stefan Huelswitt).
    - Fixed switching audio tracks in 'Transfer Mode' on the primary DVB device
      (thanks to Steffen Barszus and Stefan Huelswitt for reporting this one and
      helping to fix it).
    - Fixed channel switching in case of an active 'Transfer Mode' on the primary
      device ('Transfer Mode' is now launched with priority '-1').
    - Fixed a ternary expression in dvbspu.c.
    - Fixed handling 'Transfer Mode' on single device systems when recording an
      encrypted channel (thanks to Stefan Huelswitt).
    - Fixed blocking replaying in case an encrypted channel is being recorded on
      the primary device.
    - Now the name of the remote control is displayed when learning the keys.
    - Fixed learning remote control keys in case there is more than one remote
      control (thanks to Oliver Endriss for reporting this one).
    - Implemented additional dedicated keys for "Play", "Pause", "Stop", "Record",
      "FastFwd", "FastRew", "Channel+" and "Channel-". If your remote control supports
      any of these keys you can delete your 'remote.conf' file and restart VDR to
      go through the key learning procedure again in order to assign these new keys.
      See MANUAL for more information.
      Authors of player plugins should update their ProcessKey() functions so that
      the new player keys have the same functionality as the "Up", "Down", "Left",
      "Right" and "Blue" keys, respectively. Note that the existing functionality
      of these keys should by all means be retained, since VDR (and any plugins)
      shall be fully usable with just the basic set of keys. These new keys are only
      for additional comfort in case the remote control in use supports them.
    - Implemented new keys to directly access the VDR main menu functions "Schedule",
      "Channels", "Timers", "Recordings", "Setup" and "Commands". If your remote
      control provides keys you want to assign these functions to, you can delete
      your 'remote.cof' file and restart VDR to  go through the key learning procedure
      again in order to assign these new keys. See MANUAL for more information.
    - The new configuration file 'keymacros.conf' can be used to assign macros to
      the color buttons in normal viewing mode, as well as to up to 9 user defined
      keys. See MANUAL and man vdr(5) for more information. The default 'keymacros.conf'
      implements the functionality of the "color button patch".
    - Fixed a crash when learning the keys of several remote controls and pressing
      buttons of those that have already been learned (thanks to Oliver Endriss for
      reporting this one).
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