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    Version 1.3.14 · 6f93a5f7
    Klaus Schmidinger authored
    - Fixed detecting transponder lock in cDvbTuner (based on a patch from Stefan
    - What was previously marked with WAIT_FOR_LOCK_AFTER_TUNING is now permanently
      active and uses a cCondVar to signal when a transponder is locked.
    - Added some missing 'const' to cChannel.
    - Added a sample setup for 'DisiCon-4 Single Cable Network' to 'diseqc.conf'
      (thanks to Oliver Endriss).
    - Fixed attaching a cPlayer to a cDevice, so that 'Operation not permitted'
      errors don't occur any more (thanks to Marco Schlüßler).
    - Fixed a case where the resultBuffer in cRemux ran full before getting a sync.
    - Removed the usleep() call from cDvbPlayer::Action() to make VDR run on NPTL
      systems (thanks to Alfred Zastrow). The NPTL check at startup has also been
    - Taking the complete size of available data into account when deciding whether
      to clear the transfer buffer to avoid overflows (thanks to Reinhard Nissl).
    - Updated Romanian language texts and the iso8859-2 fonts (thanks to Lucian Muresan).
    - Now actually using the iso8859-15 fonts (thanks to Lucian Muresan).
    - Some minor code cleanups (thanks to Prakash K. Cheemplavam).
    - Fixed missing cleanup at program exit in case there is a problem with a plugin
      (thanks to Mattias Grönlund for pointing this out).
    - Increased the required free buffer space in the resultBuffer of cRemux to
      2 * IPACKS to avoid a buffer overflow in case a cTS2PES writes one complete
      packet and then (within processing the same TS packet) wants to write another
      small packet.
    - Removed the signal handler and WakeUp() call from cThread (it is no longer
    - Added some checks when canceling a thread and removed the usleep() in
      cThread::Start() (suggested by Ludwig Nussel). Also removed 'running' from
      cThread and using only childTid to indicate whether a thread is actually
    - Added cCondWait::Sleep() and using it to replace all usleep() calls (based
      on a suggestion by Werner Fink).
    - Only assigning events to timers if the related schedule has actually been
    - When searching for the present event, the running status is now only taken
      into account if the event has been "seen" within the past 30 seconds.
      This avoids shortly seeing the wrong events in the channel display when
      switching to a channel that hasn't been tuned to in a while.
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