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    Version 1.3.39 · 78e3da81
    Klaus Schmidinger authored
    - The SVDRP command LSTT now accepts the new option 'id' to have the channels
      of the timers listed with their unique channel ids instead of their numbers
      (suggested by Matthias Schniedermeyer).
    - Added a missing #include <linux/unistd.h> to thread.c (thanks to Ville Skyttä).
    - Fixed the "plugins-clean" and "plugins-install" targets in the Makefile (thanks
      to Andreas Brachold).
    - Fixed handling "more than 3 byte" key sequences in cKbdRemote::ReadKeySequence()
      (thanks to Peter Bieringer). If you are using the PC keyboard as remote control
      input you may need to make VDR newly learn the keys by removing the remote.conf
    - To avoid problems with access rights when VDR shall run as 'root' it now skips
      all SetCaps() and SetUser() calls when it is started as 'root' and "-u root"
      is given.
    - Added missing i18n entry for the "Timer" button (thanks to Ville Skyttä)
    - Updated the Finnish OSD texts (thanks to Rolf Ahrenberg).
    - Making the "Menu" key behave consistently has not been well received by several
      users, so the new option "Setup/OSD/Menu button closes" can be used to get the
      old behavior back (which also is the default value of this option).
    - Dropped the default vdr user. The program now always runs under the user id
      it was started from, unless the '-u' option is given and it was started from
      the 'root' user. If you want to have a default vdr user, you can activate and
      adjust the "VDR_USER = vdr" line in your Make.config file (from the original
      patch by Ludwig Nussel).
    - Key macros can now be defined for all non-modeless keys (suggested by Mirko Dölle).
    - Adjusted the "KEY MACROS" section of vdr.5 to the new plugin calling mechanism
      introduced in version 1.3.32.
    - Removed the now obsolete "ca.conf" section from vdr.1 (thanks to Ville Skyttä).
    - Added missing description of L and R circular polarization to 'diseqc.conf'.
    - Added a note about "modprobe capability" to INSTALL (suggested by Patrick Cernko).
    - Fixed canonicalizing the file name in the SVDRP command GRAB to allow full path
      names (thanks to Stefan Huelswitt).
    - Added a missing '-' to the example for viewing a grabbed image on a remote host
      (reported by Philippe Gramoullé).
    - Made the "What's on now/next?" menus a lot faster by storing a pointer to each
      channel's schedule in the cChannel data.
    - Made the log messages regarding lost lock of devices "info" instead of "error"
      (suggested by Andreas Brachold).
    - The SVDRP command GRAB allows file names without extension again (suggested by
      Stefan Huelswitt).
    - Pressing '0' in the "Schedule" menu now rotates through displaying "This event on
      this channel", "This event on all channels" and "All events on all channels".
      This can be used to find reruns of a given show, or the episodes of a series.
      Note that if there are many channels in your channels.conf, displaying the
      "All events on all channels" page may take a while.
    - The status markers in the "Schedule" menu are now only updated if a submenu is
      closed in which a timer has been modified, which speeds up closing submenus.
    - Now only writing Dolby Digital tracks into the 'info.vdr' file of a recording
      if Setup.UseDolbyDigital is true (suggested by André Weidemann).
    - Added a leading '0' to the day in the DayDateTime() function (thanks to Rolf
    - No longer displaying color buttons in the recording info menu if it has been
      invoked from a player (reported by Jürgen Schilling).
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