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    Version 0.64 · 7e4b4d29
    Klaus Schmidinger authored
    - NOTE: If you are using DVB driver version 0.7 you need to load the dvb.o
      module with option outstream=0, so your insmod statement should read
      'insmod dvb.o outstream=0'. This is currently necessary because 'vdr'
      still works with AV_PES data.
    - Video files now have the 'group read' bit set.
    - Fixed handling errors in 'readstring()'.
    - Handling SIGPIPE and re-establishing handler after intercepting a signal.
    - The configuration files are now by default read from the video directory.
      This can be changed by using the new '-c' option. Make sure you copy your
      current '*.conf' files to your video directory ('/video' by default), or
      use "-c ." to get the old behaviour of loading the configuration files
      from the current directory.
    - Waiting for input is now handled by a common function, which improves
      response time on user actions. As a consequence the EIT data may sometimes
      not be displayed, but this will change later when cEIT runs as a separate
    - The new SVDRP command 'HITK' (thanks to Guido Fiala!) can be used to 'hit'
      a remote control key.  Establish an SVDRP connection and enter HITK without
      a parameter for a list of all valid key names.
    - The new SVDRP command 'GRAB' (thanks to Guido Fiala!) can be used to grab
      the current frame and save it to a file.
    - The new SVDRP commands 'OVL*' can be used to control video overlays (thanks
      to Guido Fiala!). This is mainly for use in the 'kvdr' tool (see the 'kvdr'
      page at http://www.s.netic.de/gfiala).
    - If the name of the video directory used with the '-v' option had trailing
      slashes, the recording file names have been damaged. Trailing slashes are
      now silently removed.
    - Fixed a buffer overflow in EIT parsing.
    - Added a security warning regarding SVDRP to the INSTALL file.
    - Fixed 'confirm' dialog.
    - The daemon mode (option '-d') now no longer works with REMOTE=KBD (there
      is no stdin in daemon mode, so KBD makes no sense - plus it sometimes
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