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    Version 1.1.16 · 8b5d4040
    Klaus Schmidinger authored
    - Fixed saving the polarization parameter of channels that have a number in the
      'source' parameter (thanks to Peter Seyringer for reporting this one).
    - Updated 'channels.conf.terr' (thanks to Andy Carter).
    - Updated 'channels.conf.cable' (thanks to Achim Lange).
    - First step towards a "unique channel ID". The channel ID is a human readable
      string, made up from several parameters of the channel's definition in the file
      'channels.conf' (see man vdr(5) for details).
      In order for the "unique channel ID" to work, all channel definitions now must
      be unique with respect to the combination of their Source, Frequency and SID
      parameters. You may have to fix your 'channels.conf' manually if there are error
      messages in the log file when loading it. BE SURE TO MAKE A BACKUP COPY OF YOUR
      'channels.conf' AND 'timers.conf' FILE BEFORE SWITCHING TO THIS VERSION, AND CHECK
      When reading an existing 'timers.conf', the channels will be identified as before
      by their numbers. As soon as this file is written back, the channel numbers will
      be replaced by the channel IDs. After that it is possible to manually edit the
      'channels.conf' file and rearrange the channels without breaking the timers.
      Note that you can still define new timers manually by using the channel number.
      VDR will correctly identify the 'channel' parameter in a timer definition and
      use it as a channel number or a channel ID, respectively. Also, the SVDRP commands
      that return timer definitions will list them with channel numbers in order to
      stay compatible with existing applications.
      The channel ID is also used in the 'epg.data' file to allow EPG information from
      different sources to be stored, which would previously have been mixed up in case
      they were using the same 'service ID'. Note that the contents of an existing
      'epg.data' file from a previous version will be silently ignored, since it doesn't
      contain the new channel IDs. When inserting EPG data into VDR via SVDRP you now also
      need to use the channel IDs.
      Currently the EPG data received from the DVB data stream only uses the 'Source'
      and 'Service ID' part of the channel ID. This makes it work for channels with
      the same service IDs on different sources (like satellites, cable or terrestrial).
      However, it doesn't work yet if the service IDs are not unique within a specific
      source. This will be fixed later.
    - Added missing SID parameters to 'channels.conf'. Some channels have been removed
      since they are apparently no longer broadcasted.
    - Removed dropping EPG events from "other" streams that have a duration of 86400
      seconds or more (was introduced in version 1.1.10). This has become obsolete by
      the modification in version 1.1.13, which fixed fetching the current/next information
      to handle cases where the duration of an event is set wrongly and would last beyond
      the start time of the next event. Besides, the change in 1.1.10 broke handling EPG
      data for NVOD channels.
    - Fixed a compiler warning regarding cMenuChannels::Del() and MenuTimers::Del() hiding
      the base class virtual functions.
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