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    Version 0.85 · 8f9cc68f
    Klaus Schmidinger authored
    - Added Norwegian language texts (thanks to Jørgen Tvedt).
    - Increased the usleep value in cDvbOsd::Cmd() to 5000 in order to work on
      systems with the KURT/utime-patch (thanks to Guido Fiala).
    - Changed the check whether the driver is loaded in runvdr to check for the
      'dvb' module (the last one loaded).
    - Fixed repeat function with LIRC (thanks to Stefan Huelswitt).
    - Increased the upper limit for the symbol rate to 30000 (thanks to Ulrich
    - Made the position of the channel display configurable (thanks to Stefan
    - Made the width and height of the OSD configurable (thanks to Stefan Huelswitt).
    - DiSEqC support can now be generally enabled/disabled in the Setup menu. This
      may be necessary if your multiswitch gets irritated by the default DiSEqC
      codes '0' (thanks to Markus Lang).
    - Fixed replaying in case there is no index file.
    - Fixed jumping to an editing mark when replay has been paused.
    - Avoiding unnecessary code execution in the replay progress display (thanks
      to Guido Fiala).
    - When entering time values the digits that still have to be entered are now
      shown as '-' (as in "1-:--").
    - When setting an editing mark while the progress display is not active, the
      display will now be turned on for a short while to indicate the successful
      setting of the mark.
    - Updated 'channels.conf' for Premiere World (thanks to Helmut Schächner).
      Check your timers if you use this channels.conf file, since the sequence of
      several PW channels has been changed.
    - Changed the color of "Info" messages to "black on green" and that of the
      confirmation messages (like "Delete...") to "black on yellow".
    - Fixed display with DEBUG_OSD (it still crashes sometimes, esp. when replaying,
      but I can't seem to find what causes this... any ideas anybody?).
    - Avoiding audio/video distortions in 'Transfer Mode' by no longer actually
      tuning the primary interface (which can't receive this channel, anyway).
      Apparently the driver gets irritated when the channel is switched and a
      replay session is started immediately after that.
    - Increased timeout until reporting "video data stream broken" when recording.
    - Explicitly switching back to the previously active channel after ending a
      replay session (to have it shown correctly in case it was in 'Transfer Mode').
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