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    Version 1.1.18 · 96ebdbf4
    Klaus Schmidinger authored
    - Fixed missing initialization of 'number' in cChannel (thanks to Martin Hammerschmid
      for reporting this one).
    - Fixed a misplaced ')' in the fix about the stale lock files (thanks again to
      Oliver Endriss for pointing this out - it was my fault).
    - Group delimiters in the 'channels.conf' file that have no text (like a simple ":"
      or ":@201") no longer show up in the Channels menu (suggested by Guy Roussin).
    - Added "Tele 5" to 'channels.conf' (thanks to Georg Hitsch).
    - Changed the source directory name for plugins from 'SRC' to 'src' (suggested by
      Clemens Kirchgatterer).
    - Removed transponders 10788, 11739 and 12266 from 'channels.conf' (apparently they
      are no longer active).
    - Deactivated some templates in tools.h in case some plugin needs to use the STL
      (suggested by Gerald Berwolf).
    - Timers now accept channel IDs even if the 'source' is 0 (thanks to Stefan Huelswitt
      for reporting this one).
    - Now taking an active SVDRP connection into account when doing shutdown or
      housekeeping (suggested by Emil Naepflein).
    - Macros in 'keymacros.conf' can now use "@plugin" to directly access the main menu
      function of a given plugin (see man vdr(5) for details).
    - The new plugin 'sky' can be used to integrate a Sky Digibox into the VDR system,
      using a Kfir MPEG2 encoder card (see PLUGINS/src/sky/README for details).
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