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    Version 1.1.27 · 9f919801
    Klaus Schmidinger authored
    - The CAM is now accessed only if the current channel actually has a non-zero Ca
      value, and CAM access is completely suppressed during replay, which avoids
      problems in case the CAM is attached to the primary DVB device.
    - The "Left" and "Right" buttons now set the cursor to the first or last list item
      even if the list consist only of a single page, like, for instance, the Main menu
      (thanks to Oliver Endriss).
    - Made the log message "OSD window width must be a multiple of 4..." a debug message
      instead of an error message, so it can be avoided by using a log level less than 3.
    - Updated Greek language texts (thanks to Dimitrios Dimitrakos).
    - Fixed faulty behaviour of the "Mute" key in case the channel display is visible
      (thanks to Florian Bartels for reporting this one and Sascha Volkenandt for
      helping to fix it).
    - Modified LOF handling to allow for C-band reception (thanks to Malcolm Caldwell).
    - Added some missing cAudio handling calls (thanks to Werner Fink).
    - Replaced the 'for' loops in StripAudioPackets() with memset() calls (thanks to
      Werner Fink).
    - Further increased the timeout until an index file is considerd no longer to be
    - Fixed a crash in case the index file can't be accessed any more during replay
      (thanks to Stefan Huelswitt for reporting this one).
    - Fixed displaying messages in the status line in case they exceed the OSD width
      (thanks to Gerhard Steiner for reporting this one).
    - Avoiding high CPU load in case the connection to LIRC gets lost (thanks to
      Ludwig Nussel).
    - Fixed handling repeat function with LIRC (thanks to Ludwig Nussel).
    - Fixed handling min/max borders when entering integer values (thanks to Andy
      Grobb for reporting this one).
    - Implemented a "resume ID" which allows several users to each have their own
      resume.vdr files (thanks to Martin Hammerschmid). This parameter can be set in
      the "Setup/Replay" menu (see MANUAL for details).
    - Now using 'libdtv' version 0.0.5 (thanks to Rolf Hakenes for the new version
      and Stefan Huelswitt for adapting VDR to it).
    - If no device with an MPEG decoder can be found at startup, the first device
      is now used as primary device (just to have some device).
    - Adjusted some Premiere channels in 'channels.conf' (thanks to Thomas Koch).
    - Updated 'channels.conf.cable' (thanks to Stefan Hußfeldt).
    - The 'epg.data' file is now read after all plugins have been started (thanks
      to Sascha Volkenandt).
    - The LIRC remote control no longer tries to learn keys if it can't connect to
      the LIRC daemon (thanks to Ludwig Nussel for reporting this one). The same
      applies to the RCU remote control in case of errors during startup.
    - Fixed handling of Ca parameters with values <= MAXDEVICES, which don't indicate
      an actual encrypted channel (thanks to Stefan Huelswitt for reporting this one).
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