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    Version 0.66 · a379eb71
    Klaus Schmidinger authored
    - Remote control data is now received in a separate thread, which makes things
      a lot smoother.
    - Repeat and release of remote control keys is now explicitly distinguished.
    - In replay mode the search forward/back and skip functions now have two modes:
      Pressing the key shortly and releasing it starts the function, and pressing it
      again stops it. Pressing and holding down the key starts the function and
      releasing the key stops it.
    - The '@' character that marks an "instant recording" can now be turned off
      in the "Setup" menu (thanks to Matthias Schniedermeyer).
    - Pressing the "Back" button while replaying now stops replaying and brings up
      the "Recordings" menu (suggested by Carsten Koch). This can be used to easily
      delete a recording after watching it, or to switch to a different recording.
    - The "Recordings" menu now places the cursor on the last replayed recording, if
      that file still exists.
    - The "Blue" button in the "Main" menu can now be used to "Resume" a previously
      stopped replay session (suggested by Martin Hammerschmid).
    - The low and high LNB frequencies can now be changed in the "Setup" menu.
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