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    Version 1.1.30 · af2a1352
    Klaus Schmidinger authored
    - Fixed minimum lifespan of deleted recordings (thanks to Jaakko Hyvätti).
    - Updated French OSD texts (thanks to Olivier Jacques).
    - Fixed paging through lists with repeated Left/Right keys.
    - Fixed setting the PCR-PID in case it is equal to one of the other PIDs (thanks
      to Oliver Endriss for reporting this one).
    - Fixed double call to MainMenuAction() of a plugin if invoked via a hotkey (thanks
      to Kai Moeller for reporting this one).
    - Fixed handling dedicated keys.
    - Now turning off live PIDs when replaying. This avoids short spikes from other
      channels when switching between Transfer Mode channels, and also lets an ongoing
      replay continue even if a recording is started on the primary device.
    - The RCU channel display no longer changes when a recording on a different
      channel starts on the primary device.
    - Restoring the current channel in case a recording has switched the transponder.
      If all devices are busy and none of them can provide the current channel, the
      message "Channel not available!" will be displayed.
    - Removed the (no longer necessary) 'panic' stuff from cThread.
    - Added cStatus::OsdItem() to provide the entire list of menu items to a plugin
      (thanks to Carsten Siebholz).
    - The red ("Record") and yellow ("Pause") button in the "Main" menu are no longer
      available when replaying.
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