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    Version 1.1.11 · d0807381
    Klaus Schmidinger authored
    - Fixed an incomplete initialization of the filter parameters in eit.c (thanks
      to Jeremy Hall).
    - Fixed the 'newplugin' script for use with the NEWSTRUCT driver (thanks to
      Andreas Schultz for reporting this one). If you have already created a plugin
      directory and Makefile with 'newplugin', please apply the following patch to it:
      --- Makefile    2002/06/10 16:24:06     1.4
      +++ Makefile    2002/09/17 15:36:36     1.5
      @@ -15,7 +15,12 @@
       ### The directory environment:
      +ifdef NEWSTRUCT
      +DVBDIR = ../../../../DVB/include
       DVBDIR = ../../../../DVB/ost/include
       VDRDIR = ../../..
       VDRINC = $(VDRDIR)/include
       LIBDIR = ../../lib
      @@ -34,7 +39,7 @@
       ### The object files (add further files here):
      This is the diff for the 'setup' example that comes with VDR, so your line
      numbers may be different.
    - Added a missing 'public' keyword in device.h (thanks to Martin Hammerschmid).
    - Fixed a race condition when starting 'Transfer Mode'.
    - Rearranged the remote control key handling to allow plugins to implement
      additional types of remote controls (see PLUGINS.html, section "Remote Control").
      The previously used files 'keys.conf' and 'keys-pc.conf' have been replaced
      by the file 'remote.conf', which holds the key definitions of all remote controls.
    - The LIRC remote control keys are now handled just like the keyboard and RCU keys.
      This means that you can use the lircd.conf file as is for your remote control,
      without the need of editing it to make the key names the same as used in VDR.
      When first starting VDR it will go into the "Learning keys" mode and ask you
      to press the various keys. The resulting key assignment will be stored in
      the file 'remote.conf'.
      Since I have no way of testing the LIRC support, I hope I didn't break it in
      the process...
    - While learning the remote control keys it is now possible to press the 'Menu'
      key to skip the definition of keys that are not available on your particular
      RC unit.
    - Fixed handling DVD subtitles in the SPU decoder (thanks to Andreas Schultz).
    - Avoiding restarts due to 'panic level' when switching channels on the primary
      device during EPG scan.
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