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    Version 1.3.29 · ddd1e13e
    Klaus Schmidinger authored
    - Fixed a race condition in cTransfer (thanks to Klaus Heppenheimer for reporting this one).
      In doing so, the 'active' variables used by the actual derived cThread classes
      have been replaced by the cThread::Running() function.
      Plugin authors may want to check their derived cThread classes and replace any 'active'
      variables the same way as, for instance, done in transfer.c.
    - Fixed handling EPG data for time shifted events (thanks to Marco Schlüßler).
    - Increased the default value for 'Min. user inactivity' to 300 minutes (suggested
      by Helmut Auer).
    - Now storing the channel id in the info.vdr file even if there is no EPG info
      available (thanks to Andreas Brachold for reporting that there are empty info.vdr
      files created in that case).
    - Added some 'mkdir -p' to the Makefile's 'install' target (thanks to Wayne Keer).
    - Changed the title of the recording info menu (thanks to Rolf Ahrenberg).
    - Fixed handling the frame number display if '7' is pressed before the first editing
      mark, or '9' after the last one (thanks to Thomas Günther).
    - Now discarding any previous numerical input to switch channels if Up, Down, Channel+,
      Channel-, Left or Right is pressed (thanks to Wolfgang Rohdewald for reporting a
      problem with this).
    - Pressing Ok while entering a channel number now immediately switches to that
      channel, without waiting for further input.
    - Avoiding unnecessary OSD draw operations caused by the audio track description
      display in the ST:TNG skin's channel display (thanks to Oliver Endriss for reporting
      cDvbDevice::StillPicture(), since apparently the VIDEO_STILLPICTURE call works.
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