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    Version 0.65 · ef8fe3f0
    Klaus Schmidinger authored
    - Modified LIRC interface to better handle repeat function.
    - Faster OSD by first writing into a bitmap and then sending the entire bitmap
      to the DVB driver at once (requires the patch 'dvb.c.071.diff' to be applied
      against the version 0.71 DVB driver file 'dvb.c').
    - When switching channels the channel is now immediately displayed, and the
      current/next information is shown as soon as it becomes available.
    - No longer displaying the year in the 'Recordings' menu to saves space for the
    - The 'Recordings' menu now displays a '*' to indicate new recordings.
    - Added the description of the timers.conf file to the FORMATS file (thanks to
      Bastian Guse).
    - Displaying as much as possible of the current/next info (dropping characters
      that would display only partially).
    - In normal viewing mode the '0' key now toggles between the current and the
      previous channel.
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