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    Version 1.1.17 · fe9499ba
    Klaus Schmidinger authored
    - Added new entries to 'ca.conf'.
    - Fixed closing unused PID handles (thanks to Stefan Schluenss for reporting this
    - Added more examples to 'diseqc.conf' (thanks to Oliver Endriss).
    - Fixed disabling multiple recordings on a single DVB card (comment out the definition
    - Plugins can now have their very own OSD setup in the object they return from
      a call to cPlugin::MainMenuAction(). In order to implement this, the return type
      of cPlugin::MainMenuAction() had to be changed from (cOsdMenu *) to (cOsdObject *).
      So in case you are compiling an existing plugin with this version of VDR and you
      get an error message, simply change cOsdMenu to cOsdObject in the plugin's source
      for the MainMenuAction() function.
      Plugin authors who have so far (ab)used the cControl mechanism to implement their
      own raw OSD should take a look at the new demo plugin 'osddemo'. It implements
      a very primitive game that shows how a plugin can have its own raw OSD. Especially
      look into cLineGame and see how it implements the Show() function. See also
      the chapter on "User interaction" in PLUGINS.html.
    - Added three new fields to the lines in 'channels.conf': NID, TID and RID. NID and
      TID are the Network and Transport Stream IDs, respectively. RID is an additional ID
      that can be used to tell apart channels that would otherwise be indistinguishable.
      This is typically the case with radio channels, which may have the same NID, TID
      and SID, but different "radio IDs". This new field is therefore called RID ("radio
      ID"). Currently NID and TID are not yet used by VDR and should always be 0. The
      RID is actually used when building the "unique channel ID", so if you have channels
      in your 'channels.conf' file that cause error messages when loading, you can set
      the RIDs of these channels to different values.
      When reading an old 'channels.conf' these new fields will be automatically
      initialized to 0 and once the file is written back to disk they will be appended
      to the channel definitions.
      Thanks to Régis Bossut for pointing out that with some providers the channels can
      only be distinguished through the RID.
    - The "unique channel ID" now contains an optional 5th part (the RID). See man vdr(5).
    - Updated 'channels.conf.cable' and made some channels unique using the new RID
      (thanks to Andreas Kool for pointing out the problems).
    - Made some channels unique in 'channels.conf.terr' using the new RID.
    - Extended the '-l' option to allow logging to LOG_LOCALn (n=0..7) by writing, for
      instance, '-l 3.7' (suggested by Jürgen Schmidt).
    - Now deleting stale lock files if they have a time stamp that is outside the window
      'now +/- LOCKFILESTALETIME'. This improves things in cases where the system time
      makes far jumps, so that a lock file might end up with a time stamp that lies
      in the distant future (thanks to Oliver Endriss).
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