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    Version 1.7.38 · 4c59501a
    Klaus Schmidinger authored
    VDR developer version 1.7.38 is now available at
    A 'diff' against the previous version is available at
    MD5 checksums:
    f4ef0f60ed662f3c983a830da67df9b2  vdr-1.7.38.tar.bz2
    e945b0f44e13ed768de726cf6e66317c  vdr-1.7.37-1.7.38.diff
    This is a developer version. Even though I use it in my productive
    environment. I strongly recommend that you only use it under controlled
    conditions and for testing and debugging.
    Approaching version 2.0.0:
    If all goes well, there should be no more functional or API changes
    before the final version 2.0.0. There will just be a few more fixes.
    From the HISTORY file:
    - Updated the Ukrainian OSD texts (thanks to Yarema Aka Knedlyk).
    - Updated the Estonian OSD texts (thanks to Arthur Konovalov).
    - Updated the Romanian OSD texts (thanks to Lucian Muresan).
    - Updated the French OSD texts (thanks to Marc Perrudin, Bernard Jaulini and Peter
    - Updated the Macedonian OSD texts (thanks to Dimitar Petrovski).
    - Fixed moving editing marks, so that they don't get overwritten with old values
      through an update of the marks file.
    - Removed an invalid line from channels.conf.terr (reported by Lars Hanisch).
    - Fixed an unexpected k_Repeat key event after a k_Release in lirc.c.
    - Fixed permissions of po/sr_SR.po (reported by Dominic Evans).
    - Updated the Italian OSD texts (thanks to Diego Pierotto).
    - Fixed using "Pause" and "Slow motion" near the end of a recording (replay stopped
      a few seconds after the end of the recording file has been reached).
    - Fixed selecting the last replayed recording in the Recordings menu in case there
      are folders and plain recordings with names that differ only in non-alphanumeric
      characters (reported by Andre Weidemann).
    - Fixed the description of the OSD drawing functions DrawEllipse() (the values -5...-8
      for the Quadrants parameter are not implemented).
    - Made cOsd::DestroyPixmap() "NULL proof".
    - Now deleting any previously allocated pixmaps in cOsd::SetAreas().
    - Added demos of the DrawEllipse() and DrawSlope() function to the 'osddemo'
      plugin (press '1' or '2', respectively).
    - Updated the Lithuanian OSD texts (thanks to Valdemaras Pipiras).
    - The timeout for trying to switch to a valid programme is now reset immediately once
      a programme has been found.
    - No longer checking for EOPNOTSUPP in cDvbTuner::GetSignalQuality() to avoid breaking
      this function in case the driver suddenly decides to return a different errno value
      if an operation is not supported.
    - Moved the definition of TIMERMACRO_TITLE and TIMERMACRO_EPISODE from recording.h to
      config.h and using them to initialize Setup.NameInstantRecord (avoids having the same
      information in two places).
    - Fixed the return value of cOsdProvider::StoreImage() in case there is no OSD provider.
    - Fixed a crash in cMenuEditChanItem::Set() when entering a channel number that
      doesn't exist (reported by Mikael Hübsch).
    - Fixed displaying pending timers in "alert" mode in the LCARS skin.
    - Added missing $(LDFLAGS) to the Makefile of the dvbhddevice plugin (thanks to Ville
    - Fixed some spellings in PLUGINS.html and Doxyfile (thanks to Ville Skyttä).
    - Added '-p' to the cp command in the install-conf target of the Makefile (thanks to
      Ville Skyttä).
    - Added missing 'const' to cDevice::HasProgramme() and cDevice::HasLock().
    - Fixed determining the priority of the primary device in case it is neither replaying
      nor receiving a live channel (thanks to Matthias Senzel for reporting a problem with
      switching back to live viewing after replay in a setup with device bonding).
    - Removed all \return and \param tags from comment lines marked with "///<" for Doxygen.
      There was only a rather small number of these, and I would probably always forget to
      put them in place when writing future comments, so I decided to drop them entirely.
    - Added Doxyfile.filter to have special characters escaped that would otherwise be
      dropped by Doxygen (reported by Ville Skyttä).
    - Using 'cat' instead of 'cp' to copy the Doxyfile to avoid problems in case Doxyfile
      is write protected.
    - Updated the Doxyfile with a newer version of Doxygen.
    - Turned off following symlinks in the Doxyfile.
    - Removed trailing whitespace.
    - Expanded tabs in PLUGINS/src/dvbhddevice/setup.c.
    - Some formatting fixes.