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      Version 1.7.0 · 771986b8
      Klaus Schmidinger authored
      - Re-implemented handling of DVB-S2, which first appeared in version 1.5.14, but was
        revoked in version 1.5.15 in favor of making a stable version 1.6.0. VDR now
        requires the "multiproto" DVB driver, e.g. from http://jusst.de/hg/multiproto.
        Note that the channels.conf file now supports additional parameters, so you may
        want to make sure you have a backup of this file in case you need to go back to
        the previous version of VDR!
      - Fixed displaying transponder data when it is modified (thanks to Reinhard Nissl).
      - Fixed handling the counter in detection of pre 1.3.19 PS data (thanks to Reinhard
      - Improved logging system time changes to avoid problems on slow systems under
        heavy load (suggested by Helmut Auer).
      - Now setting the thread name, so that it can be seen in 'top -H' (thanks to Rolf
      - Fixed initializing the timer's flags in the cTimer copy constructor (thanks to
        Andreas Mair).
      - Fixed setting the OSD level in the 'osddemo' example (thanks to Wolfgang Rohdewald).
      - Increased the time between checking the CAM status to 500ms to avoid problems
        with some CAMs (reported by Arthur Konovalov).
  5. 11 Jan, 2004 1 commit
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      Version 1.3.1 · a76a03c0
      Klaus Schmidinger authored
      - Fixed a lockup in the EPG scanner when no non-primary device was available
        (thanks to Martin Holst for reporting this one).
      - Fixed a compiler warning about virtual cConfig::Load() functions (thanks to
        Lauri Tischler for reporting this one).
      - Fixed a warning about character comparison in libsi/si.c (thanks to Lauri
        Tischler for reporting this one).
      - The new parameter "Update channels" in the "Setup/DVB" menu can be used to
        control if and how channels will be automatically updated (see MANUAL).
        This has already been part of the 'autopid' patch by Andreas Schultz and has
        now been adopted.
      - Fixed a crash in case there is no DVB hardware present (thanks to Sascha
        Volkenandt for reporting this one).
      - Changed calculation of channel ids to make it work for tv stations that use
        the undefined NID value 0 (thanks to Teemu Rantanen for reporting this one).
      - Enhanced the SDT filter to handle multi part sections.
      - Added support for selecting preferred EPG languages (based upon a patch by
        Teemu Rantanen).
      - Fixed a 'const' in libsi/si.h (thanks to Marcel Wiesweg).
      - Fixed the 'su' call in 'runvdr' to make it work on systems that require the
        user name to appear before the command option (thanks to Robert Huitl).
      - Fixed testing for matching section filters in case they are turned off (thanks
        to Marcel Wiesweg).
      - In case of incomplete sections an error message is now logged only every 10
      - Fixed a possible NULL pointer access in cEITScanner::Process() (thanks to
        Andreas Kool).
      - The actual transponder data is now taken from the NIT and existing channels
        are adjusted if necessary. If the NIT contains new transponders, they are
        scanned for channels during the next EPG scan. Note that only the satellite
        branches are tested, cable and terrestrial need to be tested by somebody who
        actually has such equipment.
  6. 04 Jan, 2004 1 commit
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      Version 1.3.0 · 93a94b18
      Klaus Schmidinger authored
      - Changed thread handling to make it work with NPTL ("Native Posix Thread Library").
        Thanks to Jon Burgess, Andreas Schultz, Werner Fink and Stefan Huelswitt.
      - The cThread class now accepts a 'Description' parameter, which is used to log
        the beginning and end of the thread, together with its process and thread id.
        For descriptions that need additional parameters you can use the function
        cThread::SetDescription(), which accepts 'printf()' like arguments.
        Existing plugins that use threads should be changed to use this functionality
        instead of explicit 'dsyslog()' calls inside their Action() function in order
        to support logging the thread ids.
      - Added "Slovak Link" and "Czech Link" to 'ca.conf' (thanks to Emil Petersky).
        However, 'ca.conf' is now pretty much obsolete due to the automatic CA handling.
      - Mutexes are now created with PTHREAD_MUTEX_ERRORCHECK_NP, which makes the
        'lockingTid' stuff obsolete (thanks to Stefan Huelswitt).
      - Changed font handling to allow language specific character sets.
      - Adopted the small font character set from the "Elchi" patch (originally
        provided by Alessio Sangalli).
      - Greek language texts now use iso8859-7 character set (thanks to Dimitrios
      - Rearranged section data handling, so that the actual data handling can be done
        separately, even from within plugins.
      - The EPG data structures have been moved from eit.[hc] to epg.[hc] and have been
        adapted to the general VDR coding style. Plugins that use these data structures
        may need to change some function names (which should be obvious).
        The name 'subtitle' has been changed to 'shortText' to avoid clashes with actual
        subtitles that are part of a movie. The name 'extendedDescription' has been
        shortened to 'description'.
      - Replaced 'libdtv' with 'libsi' (thanks to Marcel Wiesweg), which is thread
        safe and can be used by multiple section filters simultaneously.
      - Added 'cRwLock' to 'thread.[hc]'. Note that all plugin Makefiles need to
        define _GNU_SOURCE for this to work (see the example plugin Makefiles and
      - Fixed a problem with crc32 in SI handling on 64bit systems (thanks to Pedro
        Miguel Sequeira de Justo Teixeira for reporting this one).
      - Fixed an alignment problem in CAM access on 64bit systems  (thanks to Pedro
        Miguel Sequeira de Justo Teixeira for reporting this one).
      - Added 'StreamType' setting to CAM communication, which is important for
        Aston/SECA CAMs (thanks to Antonino Sergi).
      - Now the CA descriptors are sent to the CAM in the 'program' or 'ES level'
        sections, depending on where they are found in the PMT (thanks to Hans-Peter
        Raschke for reporting this one). This should make SkyCrypt CAMs work.
      - Now using the 'version number' of EPG events to avoid unnecessary work.
      - Channel data is now automatically derived from the DVB data stream (inspired
        by the 'autopid' patch from Andreas Schultz).
      - The current channel is now automatically re-tuned if the PIDs or other settings
        change. If a recording is going on on a channel that has a change in its
        settings, the recording will be stopped and immediately restarted to use the
        new channel settings.
      - EPG events now use the complete channel ID with NID, TID and SID.
      - Channel names in 'channels.conf' can now have a short form, as provided
        by some tv stations (see man vdr(5)). Currently channels that provide short
        names in addition to long ones are listed in the OSD as "short,long name",
        as in "RTL,RTL Television". The short names will be used explicitly later.
      - The Ca parameter in 'channels.conf' has been extended and now contains all the
        CA system ids for the given channel. When switching to a channel VDR now tests
        for a device that provides one of these CA system ids. The devices automatically
        get their supported ids from the CI handler.
      - The values in 'ca.conf' are currently without any real meaning. Whether or not
        a channel with conditional access can be received is now determined automatically
        by evaluating its CA descriptors and comparing them to the CA system ids
        provided by the installed CAM. Only the special values 1-16 are used to assign
        a channel to a particular device.
      - Increased the maximum number of possible OSD colors to 256.
      - Limited the line length in the EPG bugfix report, which appears to fix a buffer
        overflow that caused a crash when cleaning up the EPG data (at 05:00 in the