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    Introduce nvim namespace: Fix unmasked strings.h issue. · 762a8ad0
    Eliseo Martínez authored
    Problem:  Now that nvim/strings.h is correctly namespaced, an issue
              that had been masked until now arises:
              When compiling, we get a lot of errors because of everywhere
              the functions in nvim/strings.h are used, there's no include
              to import them.
              But, how could this compile and work previously, then? It
              turns out that:
              - In every such case, we are also including vim.h, which in
                turn includes os_unix_defs.h.
              - os_unix_defs.h includes <string.h> and also <strings.h> in
                some systems (e.g. OSX).
              - Build had been modified previously to (even when importing
                system headers), prefer equally-named local ones. That was
                in fact done as a previous attempt to solve the same issue
                we are trying to solve another way now.
              So, we were including our "strings.h" as a side-effect of
              including <strings.h> through "vim.h" --> "os_unix_defs.h".
    Solution: Correctly include "nvim/strings.h" in every file needing it.
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