Commit 5c85e032 authored by Jan Edmund Lazo's avatar Jan Edmund Lazo Committed by James McCoy

vim-patch:8.1.0538: evaluating a modeline might invoke using a shell command

Problem:    Evaluating a modeline might invoke using a shell command. (Paul
Solution:   Set the sandbox flag when setting options from a modeline.

(cherry picked from commit fee1880e)
Signed-off-by: James McCoy's avatarJames McCoy <>
parent a52200ce
......@@ -4925,7 +4925,12 @@ chk_modeline (
if (*s != NUL) { /* skip over an empty "::" */
save_SID = current_SID;
// Make sure no risky things are executed as a side effect.
retval = do_set(s, OPT_MODELINE | OPT_LOCAL | flags);
current_SID = save_SID;
if (retval == FAIL) /* stop if error found */
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