Commit 6493ffac authored by Thiago de Arruda's avatar Thiago de Arruda Committed by Justin M. Keyes

contrib/ (#6257)

- Remove some unnecessary code: IsHeaderFile is no longer required, as the logic
  to find flags to headers is now built into YCM
- Add function to make paths in flags absolute: It seems YCM is not correctly
  resolving paths in flags to consider `build` as the compiler working
- Update documentation.
parent fd27d5a7
......@@ -2,7 +2,9 @@
## What is this?
This provides the code necessary to configure vim's YCM plugin to provide C semantic support (completion, go-to-definition, etc) for developers working on the Neovim project.
This provides the code necessary to configure vim's YCM plugin to provide C
semantic support (completion, go-to-definition, etc) for developers working on
the Neovim project.
## Installation
......@@ -13,10 +15,17 @@ Install [YouCompleteMe](
### Step 2
cp contrib/YouCompleteMe/ src/
cp contrib/YouCompleteMe/
echo >> .git/info/exclude
Tip: to improve source code navigation, add something like this to your nvim
(Add the following somewhere in your vimrc)
autocmd FileType c nnoremap <buffer> <silent> <C-]> :YcmCompleter GoTo<cr>
au FileType c,cpp nnoremap <buffer> <c-]> :YcmCompleter GoTo<CR>
And use `ctrl+]` when the cursor is positioned in a symbol to quickly jump to a
definition or declaration.
......@@ -9,47 +9,57 @@ def DirectoryOfThisScript():
def GetDatabase():
compilation_database_folder = os.path.join(DirectoryOfThisScript(),
'..', 'build')
if os.path.exists(compilation_database_folder):
return ycm_core.CompilationDatabase(compilation_database_folder)
return None
def IsHeaderFile(filename):
extension = os.path.splitext(filename)[1]
return extension == '.h'
def GetCompilationInfoForFile(filename):
database = GetDatabase()
if not database:
return None
if IsHeaderFile(filename):
basename = os.path.splitext(filename)[0]
c_file = basename + '.c'
# for pure headers (no c file), default to main.c
if not os.path.exists(c_file):
c_file = os.path.join(DirectoryOfThisScript(), 'nvim', 'main.c')
if os.path.exists(c_file):
compilation_info = database.GetCompilationInfoForFile(c_file)
if compilation_info.compiler_flags_:
return compilation_info
return None
return database.GetCompilationInfoForFile(filename)
# It seems YCM does not resolve directories correctly. This function will
# adjust paths in the compiler flags to be absolute
def FixDirectories(args, compiler_working_dir):
def adjust_path(path):
return os.path.abspath(os.path.join(compiler_working_dir, path))
adjust_next_arg = False
new_args = []
for arg in args:
if adjust_next_arg:
arg = adjust_path(arg)
adjust_next_arg = False
for dir_flag in ['-I', '-isystem', '-o', '-c']:
if arg.startswith(dir_flag):
if arg != dir_flag:
# flag and path are concatenated in same arg
path = arg[len(dir_flag):]
new_path = adjust_path(path)
arg = '{0}{1}'.format(dir_flag, new_path)
# path is specified in next argument
adjust_next_arg = True
return new_args
def FlagsForFile(filename):
compilation_info = GetCompilationInfoForFile(filename)
if not compilation_info:
return None
# Add flags not needed for clang-the-binary,
# but needed for libclang-the-library (YCM uses this last one).
flags = (list(compilation_info.compiler_flags_)
if compilation_info.compiler_flags_
else [])
flags = FixDirectories((list(compilation_info.compiler_flags_)
if compilation_info.compiler_flags_
else []), compilation_info.compiler_working_dir_)
extra_flags = ['-Wno-newline-eof']
final_flags = flags + extra_flags
return {
'flags': final_flags,
'flags': flags + extra_flags,
'do_cache': True
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