Commit 70393f2e authored by bobtwinkles's avatar bobtwinkles Committed by Justin M. Keyes

contrib: fix YCM completion for header files #2151

[ci skip]
parent 6cfc91c0
......@@ -29,7 +29,7 @@ def GetCompilationInfoForFile(filename):
c_file = basename + '.c'
# for pure headers (no c file), default to main.c
if not os.path.exists(c_file):
c_file = os.path.join(DirectoryOfThisScript(), 'main.c')
c_file = os.path.join(DirectoryOfThisScript(), 'nvim', 'main.c')
if os.path.exists(c_file):
compilation_info = database.GetCompilationInfoForFile(c_file)
if compilation_info.compiler_flags_:
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