Commit 7494e2fc authored by Jan Edmund Lazo's avatar Jan Edmund Lazo Committed by James McCoy

vim-patch:8.1.0206: duplicate test function name

Problem:    Duplicate test function name.
Solution:   Rename both functions.

(cherry picked from commit 6683cb60)
Signed-off-by: James McCoy's avatarJames McCoy <>
parent d2f51284
" Test glob2regpat()
func Test_invalid()
func Test_glob2regpat_invalid()
call assert_fails('call glob2regpat(1.33)', 'E806:')
call assert_fails('call glob2regpat("}")', 'E219:')
call assert_fails('call glob2regpat("{")', 'E220:')
func Test_valid()
func Test_glob2regpat_valid()
call assert_equal('^foo\.', glob2regpat('foo.*'))
call assert_equal('^foo.$', glob2regpat('foo?'))
call assert_equal('\.vim$', glob2regpat('*.vim'))
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