Commit 8ef2bb53 authored by Michael Reed's avatar Michael Reed

contrib/ Mention ENABLE_JEMALLOC

This doesn't prevent compilation of jemalloc, but the important thing is
that it prevents it being used in nvim.

refs 6cd20177
refs 95707bf3
parent 6cd20177
......@@ -7,6 +7,10 @@
# These CFLAGS can be used in addition to those specified in CMakeLists.txt:
# CMAKE_EXTRA_FLAGS="-DCMAKE_C_FLAGS=-ftrapv -Wlogical-op"
# By default, the jemalloc family of memory allocation functions are used.
# Uncomment the following to instead use libc memory allocation functions.
# Sets the build type; defaults to Debug. Valid values:
# - Debug: Disables optimizations (-O0), enables debug information.
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