Commit a52200ce authored by Jan Edmund Lazo's avatar Jan Edmund Lazo Committed by James McCoy

vim-patch:8.1.0189: function defined in sandbox not tested

Problem:    Function defined in sandbox not tested.
Solution:   Add a text.

(cherry picked from commit f514b7fb)
Signed-off-by: James McCoy's avatarJames McCoy <>
parent 3260fb7d
......@@ -1037,3 +1037,19 @@ func Test_func_range_with_edit()
call delete('Xfuncrange2')
sandbox function Fsandbox()
normal ix
func Test_func_sandbox()
sandbox let F = {-> 'hello'}
call assert_equal('hello', F())
sandbox let F = {-> execute("normal ix\<Esc>")}
call assert_fails('call F()', 'E48:')
unlet F
call assert_fails('call Fsandbox()', 'E48:')
delfunc Fsandbox
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