Commit a8bf97f6 authored by James McCoy's avatar James McCoy Committed by James McCoy

vim-patch:8.1.1368: modeline test fails with python but without pythonhome

Problem:    Modeline test fails with python but without pythonhome.
Solution:   Correct test argument.

(cherry picked from commit 1bb1b508)
Signed-off-by: James McCoy's avatarJames McCoy <>
parent 17ad5a96
......@@ -127,7 +127,7 @@ func Test_modeline_fails_always()
call s:modeline_fails('patchexpr', 'patchexpr=Something()', 'E520:')
call s:modeline_fails('printexpr', 'printexpr=Something()', 'E520:')
call s:modeline_fails('pythondll', 'pythondll=Something()', 'E520:')
call s:modeline_fails('pythonhome', 'pythondll=Something()', 'E520:')
call s:modeline_fails('pythonhome', 'pythonhome=Something()', 'E520:')
call s:modeline_fails('pythonthreedll', 'pythonthreedll=Something()', 'E520:')
call s:modeline_fails('pythonthreehome', 'pythonthreehome=Something()', 'E520:')
call s:modeline_fails('pyxversion', 'pyxversion=Something()', 'E520:')
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