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    Deal with translated pages including headers/footers/navbars etc. · 71c96115
    Steve McIntyre authored
    If any of the included files use wml::debian::translation-check with a
    version, that over-rides the version defined in the start file and
    this can totally break the translation checks. The check is then made
    against the start file, but using the version defined in the included
    file. :-(
    Fix things up to allow for this *and* check the versions of both the
    start file *and* the included file:
     * Add a sym-link of translation-check.wml as
       "translation-check-inc.wml" to defeat wml's tracking of what files
       have been #use'd already. Otherwise we'll only check the included
       file and never check the start file.
     * Switch all the .inc files to use the new translation-check-inc.wml
       instead of translation-check.wml
     * Also add an extra argument "force_file" to allow the included files
       to declare their filename so *that* is checked instead of the start
    Quite involved, but it works...
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