Commit 15d4775b authored by Don Armstrong's avatar Don Armstrong

add link to Bug reporting instructions from Developer instructions

CVS version numbers

english/Bugs/Developer.wml: 1.92 -> 1.93
parent a8d3c9c7
......@@ -5,7 +5,9 @@
maintainers and bug triagers</h1>
<p>Initially, a bug report is submitted by a user as an ordinary mail
message to <code></code>. This will then be
message to <code></code> which must include
a <code>Package</code> line (see <a href="Reporting">Bug Reporting
Instructions</a> for more information). This will then be
given a number, acknowledged to the user, and forwarded to
<code>debian-bugs-dist</code>. If the submitter included a
<code>Package</code> line listing a package with a known maintainer
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