Commit 194d1d72 authored by James A. Treacy's avatar James A. Treacy

added link for *.nb.html -> *.no.html

CVS version numbers

Makefile.common: 1.48 -> 1.49
parent ce684f88
......@@ -95,6 +95,10 @@ $(HTMLDIR)/%.$(LANGUAGE).html: %.$(LANGUAGE).html
@test -d $(HTMLDIR) || mkdir -m g+w -p $(HTMLDIR)
@echo copying $(@F) to $(HTMLDIR)
-@install -m 664 -p $(@F) $(HTMLDIR)
ifeq ($(LANGUAGE),no)
@echo making a link $(@D)/$(*F).nb.html -\> $(@F)
@ln -sf $(@F) $(@D)/$(*F).nb.html
ifeq ($(LANGUAGE),en)
@echo making a link $(@D)/$(*F).html -\> $(@F)
@ln -sf $(@F) $(@D)/$(*F).html
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