Commit 282420d4 authored by Steve McIntyre's avatar Steve McIntyre

Bugfix - the versions we need to update to are from *english*

parent 934c53a8
......@@ -261,7 +261,7 @@ if (length($db_file) < 2) {
vlog (" Rewriting $db_file with git revisions");
open OUT, "> $db_file" or die "Couldn't write $db_file: $!";
for my $file (sort keys %translated_files) {
my $targetfile = "$language/$file";
my $targetfile = "english/$file";
my $revision = $translated_files{$file};
my $hash = $rev_map{"$targetfile"}{"$revision"}{"commit_hash"};
if (!defined $hash) {
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