Commit 37f21f75 authored by Bastian Blank's avatar Bastian Blank

Add Salsa administrators

CVS version numbers

english/intro/ 1.565 -> 1.566
parent b3b9d3fc
......@@ -447,6 +447,10 @@
<job <gettext domain="organization"><a name="trademark" href="m4_HOME/trademark">Trademark</a> use requests</gettext>> <genericemail>
<member>Brian Gupta
<member>Richard Hartmann
<job <a name="salsa" href=""><gettext domain="organization">Salsa administrators</gettext></a>> <genericemail>
<member>Alexander Wirt
<member>Bastian Blank
<member>Joerg Jaspert
<job <a name="alioth" href=""><gettext domain="organization">Alioth administrators</gettext></a>> <genericemail>
<member>Roland Mas
<member>Christian Bayle
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