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<p>Welcome to this year's 21st issue of DWN, the weekly newsletter for the
Debian community. A lot of activity has still been recorded on the <a
href="">debian-release</a> list in
order to fix the remaining <a
href="">release-critical</a> bugs and
to get the translations into shape. Matt Whipp <a
quoted</a> several people to counter the claim that Free Software is running
short of developers.</p>
<p><strong>Debian Desktop with 12 Watts.</strong> Silas Bennett wanted to run
a low-power desktop system and ended up using a <a
href="">Mac mini</a>. He <a
href="">described</a> that he had
removed the hard disk and CD-ROM drive to save power and space that he could
reuse with a battery pack, so that the system draws 12 watts from it. He was
also delighted to see the sarge installer run flawlessly.</p>
<p><strong>Debian GNU/Hurd running GNOME and Qt.</strong> Michael Banck <a
to get GNOME compile and run on GNU/Hurd, albeit with some caveats and loose
ends, and also took a <a
Several packages had to be modified in order to make them build, so
that GNOME won't be uploaded for hurd-i386 soon, but the general issues
seem to have been solved. In related news, Qt is <a
fine on the Hurd as well, and volunteers are sought after for
porting KDE.</p>
<p><strong>Changes to the weekly WNPP Posting.</strong> Martin Michlmayr <a
announced</a> that the weekly mail about work-needing and prospective <a
href="$HOME)/devel/wnpp/">packages</a> won't be sent to the announce list
anymore but to the dedicated <a href="">\
debian-wnpp</a> list instead. In addition to that, future mails will only
include new entries in order to have the mails be helpful again.</p>
<p><strong>Confusing Package Versions.</strong> Nico Golde <a
that the most recent version of <a href="">\
unrar</a> has a lower version number than the packages before. Roberto
Sanchez <a href="">\
explained</a> that the old package was non-free and has been replaced by a
free version with a lower version number. Unfortunately it can't <a
with current RAR 3.x archives. The free version has since then been renamed
into <a href="">unrar-free</a> to avoid
<p><strong>Packaging Waste.</strong> Romain Beauxis wanted to <a
<a href="">waste</a> a collaboration tool for
small teams. Mirco Bauer <a
that the authors considered this <a
href="">unauthorised software</a>. It
seems that Nullsoft's parent company AOL didn't agree to the release, hence
the strong message.</p>
<p><strong>Last Update to Woody.</strong> Joey Schulze <a
sent</a> in the <a href="">\
preparation</a> for the last update to Debian 3.0. As usual, this mostly adds
recent security updates to the woody release. He also <a
href="">explained</a> that
there can't be another update after the release of sarge due to deficiencies
in the archive <a href="">suite</a>.</p>
<p><strong>Non-US being phased out.</strong> Frans Pop <a
a paragraph about the end of the non-US archive to be added to the <a
href="$(HOME)/releases/sarge/releasenotes">release notes</a> since it is
dysfunctional and not needed anymore. From the 29 <a
still included, only five haven't been able to be <a
into the main archive.</p>
<p><strong>Debian-Volatile Strategy.</strong> The volatile team <a
pondered</a> to create a second <a href="">\
volatile</a> archive with less strict criteria. This would help packages such
as <a href="">Gaim</a> that need to be updated
during the lifetime of sarge in order to support modified protocols. They are
also looking for ways to announce updated packages.</p>
<p><strong>Security Updates.</strong> You know the drill. Please make sure
that you update your systems if you have any of these packages installed.</p>
<li>DSA 724: <a href="$(HOME)/security/2005/dsa-724">phpsysinfo</a> --
Cross site scripting.
<li>DSA 725: <a href="$(HOME)/security/2005/dsa-725">ppxp</a> --
Local root exploit.
<li>DSA 726: <a href="$(HOME)/security/2005/dsa-726">oops</a> --
Format string vulnerability.
<li>DSA 727: <a href="$(HOME)/security/2005/dsa-727">libconvert-uulib-perl</a> --
Arbitrary code execution.
<p><strong>New or Noteworthy Packages.</strong> The following packages were
added to the unstable Debian archive <a
href="">recently</a> or contain
important updates.</p>
<li><a href="">bbclone</a>
-- PHP based Web Counter on Steroids.
<li><a href="">chora2</a>
-- Code repository viewing component for horde framework.
<li><a href="">cyrus2courier</a>
-- Converts Cyrus mailbox format to Maildir.
<li><a href="">desktop-profiles</a>
-- Framework for setting up desktop profiles.
<li><a href="">drift</a>
-- Type sensitive preprocessor for Haskell.
<li><a href="">grabc</a>
-- Identifies an onscreen colour using a crosshair cursor.
<li><a href="">installation-report</a>
-- System installation report.
<li><a href="">kiosktool</a>
-- Configure the KDE kiosk framework.
<li><a href="">p7zip</a>
-- File archiver with high compression ratio.
<li><a href="">releaseforge</a>
-- Alternative to SourceForge's File Release System (FRS).
<li><a href="">schism</a>
-- ImpulseTracker clone aiming at providing the same look&amp;feel.
<li><a href="">unrar-free</a>
-- Unarchiver for .rar files.
<li><a href="">webcpp</a>
-- Configurable utility to convert source code to HTML.
<li><a href="">yaws</a>
-- High performance HTTP 1.1 webserver written in Erlang.
<li><a href="">z80asm</a>
-- Assembler for the Zilog Z80 microprocessor.
<p><strong>Want to continue reading DWN?</strong> Please help us create this
newsletter. We still need more volunteer writers who watch the Debian
community and report about what is going on. Please see the <a
href="$(HOME)/News/weekly/contributing">contributing page</a> to find out how
to help. We're looking forward to receiving your mail at <a
#use wml::debian::weeklynews::footer editor="Michael Banck, Martin 'Joey' Schulze"
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