Commit 3ee112f8 authored by Holger Wansing's avatar Holger Wansing

Update data of Jan Prunk on his request.

Modified Files:
Added Files: janprunk.wml

CVS version numbers

english/consultants/ 1.2494 -> 1.2495 
english/consultants/janprunk.wml: INITIAL -> 1.1
parent 4820dcd7
......@@ -4360,17 +4360,16 @@ open-source projects. Free help available on IM.>
# Consultant: SI
# mail sent to check status: 2013-06-10 holger-guest. Result: still active, entry updated.
# 2018-02-12: entry updated on request.
<name Jan Prunk>
<company Jan Prunk k.d.>
<address Postojnska 18, 1000 Ljubljana, <country-name SI>>
<phone +386 (41) 710598>
<address Ljubljana, <country-name SI>>
<URL "">
<rates Please contact me for rates.>
<URL "">
<rates 50 EUR per hour, discounted for non-profit organizations.>
<additional_info janprunk>
#<h1><a name="ZA"><country-name ZA>:</a></h1>
#use wml::debian::consultant name="Jan Prunk"
I am available to telecommute for work.
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