Commit 47e79023 authored by Andrei Popescu's avatar Andrei Popescu

Removed consultanta Rubén Tato, Spain on own request

CVS version numbers

english/consultants/ 1.2343 -> 1.2344
parent dc9efcf3
......@@ -3966,17 +3966,6 @@ provide lower rates for non-profit/government organizations.>
<rates Negotiable according to service and location. Time and resources-based or project-based rates.>
# Consultant: ES
# mail sent to check status: 16.06.2013 holger-guest. Result: still active, entry updated.
<name Rub&eacute;n Tato>
<address Madrid, <country-name ES>>
<phone +34 644 213 007>
<email scramble="yes">
<URL "">
<rates Consultar.>
# Consultant: ES
# added on 24.03.2014
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