Commit 5708b913 authored by David Prévot's avatar David Prévot

omit obsolete '-0' option

CVS version numbers 1.1 -> 1.2
parent a1aa61aa
......@@ -21,7 +21,7 @@ sub obtain_files
my @list;
return unless -s "$config{'datadir'}/wmlfiles.old";
return unless -s "$config{'datadir'}/wmlfiles";
if (open (IN, "diff -0 $config{'datadir'}/wmlfiles.old $config{'datadir'}/wmlfiles|")) {
if (open (IN, "diff $config{'datadir'}/wmlfiles.old $config{'datadir'}/wmlfiles|")) {
while (<IN>) {
next until (/^[<>] \.\//);
s/^[<>] \.\///;
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