Commit 5a2a5a9e authored by Holger Wansing's avatar Holger Wansing

Add deZillium to the list, as requested (and also activate Cyprus as country)

CVS version numbers

english/consultants/ 1.2309 -> 1.2310
parent 6a131d9f
......@@ -1353,6 +1353,21 @@ Guarani - BH - MG, <country-name BR>>
<h1><a name="CY"><country-name CY>:</a></h1>
# Consultant: CY
# added on 07.05.2014
<name Demetris Demetriou>
<company deZillium LTD>
<address Karchidonos 26, Lakatamia, 2305, Nicosia, <country-name CY>>
<phone +357-99645740>
<URL "">
<rates Please contact for rates.>
<h1><a name="CZ"><country-name CZ>:</a></h1>
# Consultant: CZ
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