Commit 76cbb0ff authored by Chris Danis's avatar Chris Danis

Initial translation

CVS version numbers

danish/Bugs/pseudo-packages.wml: INITIAL -> 1.1
parent f270f00b
#use wml::debian::template title="Debian BTS - pseudopakker" NOHEADER="true" NOCOPYRIGHT=true
#use wml::debian::translation-check translation="1.8"
<H1>Debians fejlrapporteringssystems pseudopakker</H1>
<p>Denne side indeholder en oversigt over pseudopakker der kan anvendes i
<code>Package:</code>-linien ved fejlrapporter.
<p>Se <a href="Reporting">vejledning i fejlrapportering</a> for de
detaljerede oplysninger om hvordan man angiver en <code>Package:</code>-linie.
my $file = "$(ENGLISHDIR)/Bugs/pseudo-packages.description";
open I, "$file" or die "Can't open $file file: $!\n";
while (<I>) { if (/^(\S+)\s+(.*)$/) { $pseudos{$1} = $2; } }
close I;
%pseudos || die "%pseudos is not set -- empty $file file?\n";
foreach $a (sort keys %pseudos) {
if ($a ne "spam" && $a ne "slink-cd") {
print "<p><code>$a</code> &mdash; $pseudos{$a}\n";
#use ""
#use ""
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