Commit 880b852e authored by Cyril Brulebois's avatar Cyril Brulebois

Update errata for fixed bugs.

parent b798c13e
......@@ -32,8 +32,7 @@ report</a> describing the problem.
using the Stretch theme.
<br />
The <a href="">futurePrototype</a>
theme is being integrated and should be available in the release following Buster Alpha 5.</dd>
Fixed in Buster RC 1: <a href="">futurePrototype</a> has been integrated.</dd>
<dt>Buggy shortcuts in the nano editor</dt>
<dd>The nano version used inside Debian Installer doesn't
......@@ -43,7 +42,7 @@ report</a> describing the problem.
people using the installer on a serial console
(<a href="">#915017</a>).
<br />
<b>Status:</b> Being investigated.</dd>
<b>Status:</b> Fixed in Buster RC 1.</dd>
<dt>Broken rendering for Gujarati</dt>
<dd>It was only discovered too late for the D-I Buster Alpha 4
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