Commit 8c343ebd authored by Laura Arjona Reina's avatar Laura Arjona Reina

Use NewHomePage tag for the pages that we need to review for the new structure

parent 90f8cdbe
#use wml::debian::template title="About Debian (needs review for the new homepage: who are we, what we do (Community > People)"
#use wml::debian::template title="About Debian (NewHomePage: Community > People who are we, what we do"
#include "$(ENGLISHDIR)/releases/info"
<ul class="toc">
#use wml::debian::template title="Introduction to Debian"
#use wml::debian::template title="Introduction to Debian (NewHomePage: Community > Philosophy: Why we do it and how we do it)"
<p><a href="about">About Debian</a>.
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