Commit 90ef9f02 authored by Cyril Brulebois's avatar Cyril Brulebois

Add errata entries for D-I Buster RC 1.

parent 880b852e
......@@ -52,6 +52,41 @@ report</a> describing the problem.
<br />
<b>Status:</b> Fixed in Buster Alpha 5.</dd>
<dt>TLS support in wget is broken</dt>
<dd>A change in the openssl library leads to some issues for its
users, since a configuration file that was initially optional
suddenly became mandatory. As a consequence, at
least <tt>wget</tt> doesn't support HTTPS within the installer
(<a href="">#926315</a>).
<br />
<b>Status:</b> The root cause has been identified and a fix is
expected for D-I Buster RC 2.</dd>
<dt>Entropy-related issues</dt>
<dd>Even with functional HTTPS support in wget, one might run
into entropy-related issues, depending on the availability of a
hardware random number generator (RNG) and/or on a sufficient
number of events to feed the entropy pool
(<a href="">#923675</a>). Usual
symptoms can be a long delay when the first HTTPS connection
happens, or during SSH keypair generation.
<br />
<b>Status:</b> This needs to be investigated.</dd>
<dt>LUKS2 is incompatible with GRUB's cryptodisk support</dt>
<dd>It was only lately discovered that GRUB has no support for
LUKS2. This means that users who want to use
<tt>GRUB_ENABLE_CRYPTODISK</tt> and avoid a separate,
unencrypted <tt>/boot</tt>, won't be able to do so
(<a href="">#927165</a>). This
setup isn't supported in the installer anyway, but it would
make sense to at least document this limitation more
prominently, and to have at least the possibility to opt for
LUKS1 during the installation process.
<br />
<b>Status:</b> Some ideas have been expressed on the bug.</dd>
<!-- things should be better starting with Jessie Beta 2...
<dt>GNU/kFreeBSD support</dt>
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