Commit 9221823c authored by Frans Pop's avatar Frans Pop

Add processing for projectnews templates to gendep target.

Looks like the generated dependencies in this file need updating!

CVS version numbers

Makefile.common: 1.99 -> 1.100
parent 4373ef82
......@@ -150,7 +150,10 @@ endif
# FIXME, it should see bind-gettext-domain domain="sth" for $(call locale,sth)
@for f in $(TEMPLDIR)/*.wml $(TEMPLDIR)/weeklynews/*.wml; do \
@for f in $(TEMPLDIR)/*.wml \
$(TEMPLDIR)/weeklynews/*.wml \
$(TEMPLDIR)/projectnews/*.wml; \
do \
grep -q '^#use wml::debian' $$f || continue; \
g=`echo "$$f" | sed -e 's,$(TEMPLDIR),\$$(TEMPLDIR),'`; \
grep '^#use wml::debian' $$f |\
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