Commit 93f767be authored by Steve McIntyre's avatar Steve McIntyre

Fix up logic bug in

The original logic was broken and was causing comparisons against the
wrong originals for some translated files. This looks like it was
being hidden by the lax CVS versioning code underneath, so we never
saw the bug previously.

Split the code out, correct it and document what it's actually doing
now. Fixes a lot of reported errors with git revisions not being
parent fcf52e17
......@@ -107,8 +107,18 @@ foreach $lang (@langs) {
$original = $transcheck->original();
$maxdelta = $transcheck->maxdelta() if $transcheck->maxdelta();
$mindelta = $transcheck->mindelta() if $transcheck->mindelta();
next unless not defined $original or $original eq $arglang;
# English is the default original language if the header in the
# translated file doesn't specify otherwise
if (!defined $original) {
$original = "english";
# If the original language in the translated file isn't the
# language we started with here, bail now - it's not interesting
if (! ($original eq $arglang)) {
$difference = $VCS->count_changes($argfile, $langrev, $origrev);
if (!defined $difference) {
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