Commit a598f40b authored by Jens Seidel's avatar Jens Seidel

Install SVG files (required in logos/) as well, thanks Ricky Zhou for the patch

CVS version numbers

Makefile.common: 1.88 -> 1.89
parent d832fce3
......@@ -38,7 +38,7 @@ HTMLDESTFILES = $(sort $(foreach i,$(SUBLANG),\
OTHERFILES := $(wildcard *.ps.gz *.eps *.pdf *.css)
OTHERFILES += $(wildcard *.jpg *.jpeg *.gif *.png *.fig *.xcf *.xcf.gz *.ppm)
OTHERFILES += $(wildcard *.jpg *.jpeg *.gif *.png *.fig *.xcf *.xcf.gz *.ppm *.svg)
existing-SUBS := $(shell for dir in $(wildcard $(SUBS)) ''; do test -d $$dir && echo $$dir; done)
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