starting-up Romanian wml

CVS version numbers

romanian/.wmlrc: INITIAL -> 1.1 
romanian/Make.common: INITIAL -> 1.1 
romanian/Make.dep.generic: INITIAL -> 1.1 
romanian/Make.dep.templ: INITIAL -> 1.1 
romanian/Make.lang: INITIAL -> 1.1 
romanian/Makefile: INITIAL -> 1.1 
romanian/Makefile.README: INITIAL -> 1.1 
romanian/contact.wml: INITIAL -> 1.1 
romanian/social_contract.wml: INITIAL -> 1.1
parent fed41e26
-D WML_SRC_REALNAME="Debian Webmaster"
-D ENGLISHDIR~../english
-D CUR_LANG=Romanian
-D INTRO~intro
-D DEVEL~devel
-D DOC~doc
-D DISTRIB~distrib
-D MISC~misc
-D BUGS~Bugs
-D PICS~Pics
-D STYLE~style
-D SPANISH~Spanish
-D ITALIAN~Italian
-D GERMAN~German
-D HTMLDIR~../../
-D CHARSET=iso-8859-2
-I ../english/template
# Nothing in here should require any modification
# If you feel you need to modify something send mail
# to debian-www explaining why so that others can benefit
# from your improvements
# Do Not modify the following line
WMLFILES := $(wildcard *.wml)
HTMLFILES := $(patsubst %.wml,%.$(LANGUAGE).html,$(WMLFILES))
HTMLDESTFILES := $(patsubst %.wml,$(HTMLDIR)/%.$(LANGUAGE).html,$(WMLFILES))
JPGSOURCE := $(wildcard *.jpg)
GIFSOURCE := $(wildcard *.gif)
PNGSOURCE := $(wildcard *.png)
all:: $(HTMLFILES)
@for i in $(SUBS) ''; do \
if [ -d "$$i" ]; then \
$(MAKE) -C $$i ; \
fi ; \
-install -d $(HTMLDIR)
@for i in $(SUBS) ''; do \
if [ -d "$$i" ]; then \
$(MAKE) -C $$i install; \
fi ; \
-rm -f *.$(LANGUAGE).html
@for i in $(SUBS) ''; do \
if [ -d "$$i" ]; then \
$(MAKE) -C $$i clean; \
fi ; \
-rm -f $(HTMLDIR)/*.$(LANGUAGE).html
@for i in $(SUBS) ''; do \
if [ -d "$$i" ]; then \
$(MAKE) -C $$i cleandest; \
fi ; \
$(HTMLDIR)/%.$(LANGUAGE).html: %.$(LANGUAGE).html
@echo copying $(@F) to $(HTMLDIR)
-@cp $(@F) $(HTMLDIR)
ifeq ($(LANGUAGE),en)
@echo making a link $(@D)/$(*F).html -\> $(@F)
-@ln -f -s $(@F) $(@D)/$(*F).html
cp $(@F) $(HTMLDIR)
%.$(LANGUAGE).html : %.wml $(TEMPLDIR)/template.wml $(TEMPLDIR)/languages.wml
$(WML) $(<F)
# template dependencies
$(TEMPLDIR)/basic.wml: $(TEMPLDIR)/navbar.wml
touch $(TEMPLDIR)/basic.wml
$(TEMPLDIR)/footer.wml: $(TEMPLDIR)/ctime.wml
touch $(TEMPLDIR)/footer.wml
$(TEMPLDIR)/menubar.wml: $(TEMPLDIR)/footer.wml
touch $(TEMPLDIR)/menubar.wml
$(TEMPLDIR)/mainpage.wml: $(TEMPLDIR)/basic.wml $(TEMPLDIR)/menubar.wml
touch $(TEMPLDIR)/mainpage.wml
$(TEMPLDIR)/template.wml: $(TEMPLDIR)/basic.wml $(TEMPLDIR)/footer.wml \
touch $(TEMPLDIR)/template.wml
$(TEMPLDIR)/news.wml: $(TEMPLDIR)/basic.wml $(TEMPLDIR)/footer.wml \
touch $(TEMPLDIR)/news.wml
$(TEMPLDIR)/consultant.wml: $(TEMPLDIR)/footer.wml $(TEMPLDIR)/languages.wml
touch $(TEMPLDIR)/consultant.wml
$(TEMPLDIR)/event.wml: $(TEMPLDIR)/footer.wml $(TEMPLDIR)/languages.wml $(TEMPLDIR)/basic.wml
touch $(TEMPLDIR)/event.wml
$(TEMPLDIR)/navbar.wml: $(ENGLISHSRCDIR)/Pics/banner.jpg $(ENGLISHSRCDIR)/Pics/logo-50.jpg
touch $(TEMPLDIR)/navbar.wml
# The LANGUAGE variable needs to be set for each language.
# LANGUAGECAP is just the capitalization of LANGUAGE (this is needed for wml slices)
# The '-q' forces wml to be quiet. Very useful in scripts.
# It is sometimes useful to add '--epilog=weblint' to check for errors
# in the html generated.
# Other languages may want to change the wml command to execute programs
# that get run before or after wml. For example,
# WML="wml -q --prolog="/usr/bin/tcs <options here>" \
# --epilog="/usr/bin/tcs <options here> > $(@D)/$(@F)" \
# -o $(@F)
# If you use --epilog as above, then you will want to add a line to
# to remove $(@F) after WML is done.
# This Makefile should need no changes from webwml/english/Makefile
# Please send a message to debian-www if you need to modify anything
# so the problem can be fixed.
# list any subdirectories in the following variable. Any directories listed
# must exist or the make will not work
SUBS=Bugs MailingLists News Pics SPI consultants devel distrib doc events intro \
international logos mirror misc partners ports releases security vote y2k
include $(WMLBASE)/Make.lang
include $(WMLBASE)/Make.common
include $(WMLBASE)/Make.dep.generic
include $(WMLBASE)/Make.dep.templ
# Do Not modify the following line
index.$(LANGUAGE).html: index.wml $(TEMPLDIR)/mainpage.wml \
$(wildcard News/1999/1999*.wml) $(wildcard $(ENGLISHSRCDIR)/News/1999/1999*.wml) \
$(wildcard security/1999/1999*.wml) $(wildcard $(ENGLISHSRCDIR)/security/1999/1999*.wml) \
$(TEMPLDIR)/ctime.wml $(TEMPLDIR)/recent_list.wml $(TEMPLDIR)/languages.wml
$(WML) index.wml
The Makefiles have been designed so that almost nothing needs to be modified
when copying them to a new language directory in preparation for translation.
The following are the only changes anticipated. If you find you need to make
any other changes, send mail to debian-www what you changed and why so the
problem can be corrected:
- The variable LANGUAGE must be changed in webwml/<language>/Make.lang
- If there are subdirectories listed in a Makefile that don't exist in
a directory, then they need to be removed from the SUBS variable.
- Some languages may need extra processing to handle the charset. This
can be done using the --prolog and --epilog options to wml. Use the
WMLPROLOG and WMLEPILOG variables in Make.lang to do this.
The following is a list of pages and directories that may require special
attention when translating:
- News/
You can translate as many or as few pieces of news as you wish. The indexes
are created automatically from the titles of the items. If an item has
been translated, then the translated title will be used in the index.
- distrib/vendors.wml includes the file vendors.CD which includes vendors.CD.def.
distrib/vendors.wml should be translated.
distrib/vendors.CD.def should have translations added to it. In other words, there
is only one copy of this file. The format should be apparent from the file.
distrib/vendors.CD contains the actual list of vendors. Translators should have
no reason to touch this file.
- MailingLists/{un}subscribe.wml
These are generated by a script. You will need to have translations added to the
data file if you want to translate this. Send mail to debian-www asking about this
- security/
This is set up similar to the News/ directory.
- devel/people.wml should be translated. It includes ../../english/devel/people.names
which is generated by a script.
- consultants/index.wml should be translated. It includes ../../english/devel/
which needs to have the translations for the phrases added to the top part.
- ports/
These are still under development. You should only translate these if you are willing
to spend the time keeping them up to date.
- mirrors/
This is for people setting up mirrors so is a low priority. Also, at the time of writing
(Oct 1998) they are still under development
#use wml::debian::template title="Getting in Contact with Us" NOCOMMENTS="yes"
<H2>General Information</H2>
<p>For general information on Debian, please see our web site,
<a href=""></a>, and our ftp site,
<a href=""></a>.
<p>Our FAQ will answer many of your questions. You can view it at
<a href=""></a>
<a href=""></a>.
Postscript, text, html, and info versions are on the ftp site.
<p>You may find the <a href="">Debian faqomatic</a> useful.
It can be used to look up answers to common questions.
<H2>Installing and Using Debian</H2>
<p>We have a very active user mailing list where Debian users and developers can answer your questions.
<a href="">subscribe</a> to <EM>debian-user</EM>
and send your question to
<a href=""></a>.
Additionally, there are user mailing lists for speakers of various
languages. See the <a href="">mailing
list subscription page</a> for a list and subscription information.
All questions regarding
<LI>supported hardware
<LI>machine administration
<LI>using debian
should be sent to a user mailing list.
<H2>Debian Development</H2>
<p>Please note that although many developers are not native speakers of English, it is
the common language for all development work. We therefore ask that initial enquiries
to developers be made in English. If this is not possible, go through the user mailing
list for your language.
<p>If you have a more development related question, there is a mailing list the developers
use to communicate with each other.
Simply <a href="">subscribe</a> to
<EM>debian-devel</EM> and then send e-mail to
<a href=""></a>.
<p>If you would like to file a bug against a Debian
package, see
<a href=""></a> or
<a href=""></a>
for instructions. Submitting bugs can be made easier by installing the Debian package, <em>bug</em>.
<p>If you would like to make the developers aware of a Debian security
problem in a discreet manner, send e-mail to
<a href=""></a>.
<p>Those requesting information for articles or submitting news for our news page should contact our
<a href="">publicity department</a>.
<H2>Commonly Requested Addresses</H2>
<dt>Mailing List Administrators
<dd><a href=""></a>
<dt>Mailing List Archives
<dd><a href=""></a>
<dt>Bug Tracking System or the Bug Tracking web pages
<dd><a href=""></a>
<dt>Web Pages
<dd><a href=""></a>
<dt>Mirroring Debian
<dd>See the <a href="mirror/">mirroring Debian web pages</a> or contact the
<a href="">mirror list administrators</a>
<dt>Selling Debian CDs
<dd>See the <a href="distrib/cdinfo">information for CD vendors</a>. Information regarding new
vendors is sent to <a href=""></a>
We also maintain a <a href="devel/maintainer_contacts">complete list of maintainer contacts</a>
that covers the various administrative roles in Debian.
#use wml::debian::template title="A Social Contract"
<!-- -*- Mode: Sgml -*-
Author : Manoj Srivastava ( )
Created On : Wed Jul 2 12:47:56 1997
Created On Node :
Last Modified By : Manoj Srivastava
Last Modified On : Wed Jul 2 13:35:07 1997
Last Machine Used:
Update Count : 21
Status : Unknown, Use with caution!
Description :
<P>Debian, producatorii sistemului de operare Debian GNU/Linux, au creat
<strong>Contractul Social Debian</strong>. Acest contract, ini‘ial creat
ca o serie de reguli pe care am convenit s le respectm, a fost adoptat de comunitatea "free software" ca baz a definirii a ceea ce numim
<a href="">Open Source Definition</a>.
<H2>"Contractul Social" al comunit‘ii "Free Software"</H2>
<LI><P><strong>Debian va ramine 100% "Free Software"</strong>
<P>Promitem s pstram distribu‘ia Debian GNU/Linux
complet "free software". IntrucŽt sint multe defini‘ii a no‘iunii
de "free software", includem mai jos regulile pe care le folosim pentru
a determina daca software-ul este "<em>free</em>".
Vom oferi suport utilizatorilor no¦tri care dezvolt ¦i folosesc
software care nu e "free" cu Debian, dar
nu vom face niciodat sistemul de operare dependent de orice fel de
software care nu este "free".</P>
<LI><strong>Vom oferi comunit‘ii "Free Software"</strong>
<P>Vom dezvolta ¦i vom licen‘ia noile componente ale sistemului Debian system ca "free software".
Vom face cel mai bun sistem pe care Žl putem face, astfel ŽncŽt
softul de tip "free" va fi distribuit ¦i folosit pe scar larg.
Vom colabora cu autorii "<em>upstream</em>" ai softului inclus Žn sistemul nostru ¦i Ži vom
‘ine la curent cu "bug-fixes", Žmbunt‘iri, cerin‘e ale utilizatorilorilor, etc.</P>
<LI><P><strong>Nu ascundem problemele</strong>
<P>Vom ‘ine intreaga baz de date "bug-report database" deschis publicului
Žn mod permanent. Rapoartele pe care utilizatorii le vor completa "on-line" vor deveni
imediat vizibile tuturor.</P>
<LI><P><strong>Priorit‘ile noastre sŽnt utlizatorii no¦tri ¦i "Free Software"</strong>
<P>Ne vom conduce dup nevoile utilizatorilor no¦tri ¦i ale comunit‘ii
"free-software". Vom pune interesele lor Žnainte
Žn lista priorit‘ilor noastre. Vom suporta nevoile utilizatorilor no¦tri
de a lucra Žn multe ¦i diferite medii de operare.
Nu ne vom opune softului comercial creat pentru a fi folosit
Žn sistemele Debian, ¦i vom permite altora s creeze
distribu‘ii "value-added" con‘inind atŽt Debian cŽt ¦i
software comercial, fr a cere nici un ban. Pentru a atinge
aceste ‘eluri, vom oferi un sitem intergrat de mare calitate,
100% "free software", fr restric‘ii legale care ar Žmpiedica
utilizarea Žn acest mod.</P>
<LI><P><strong>Programe care nu Žndeplinesc standardele noastre "Free-Software" </strong>
<P>¬tim c unii din utilizatorii no¦tri au nevoie s foloseasc
programe care nu sŽnt conforme cu
<a href="#guidelines">Ghidul Debian "Free Software"</a>.
pe care le-am creat "<tt>contrib</tt>" ¦i care sŽnt Žn "<tt>non-free</tt>"
arhiva noastr FTP pentru acest gen de software. Softul din
aceste directoare nu face parte din sistemul Debian, de¦i
a fost configurat pentru a fi folosit cu Debian. đncurajm productorii de CD-uri
s citesc licen‘ele pachetelor de software din
aceste directoare ¦i s hotrasc dac pot distribui acest
software prin CD-urile lor. Deci, de¦i softul "non-free"
nu face parte din sistemul Debian, suportm folosirea lui ¦i asigurm
infrastructura (precum siteme "bug-tracking" de urmrire a erorilor ¦i liste de
mail) pentru pachete de soft care nu sŽnt "free".
<H2><a name="guidelines">Ghidul Debian "Free Software" </a></H2>
<LI><P><strong>Redistribuirea liber</strong>
<P>Licen‘a unei componente Debian nu va restric‘iona pe nimeni
de a vinde sau oferi acest software ca o
component a unuei distribu‘ii de software agregat con‘inŽnd
programe provenind din surse diferite. Licen‘a nu implic drepturi de autor
(royalty) sau alte taxe pentru astfel de vŽnzri.</P>
<LI><P><strong>Codul Surs</strong>
<P>Programul trebuie s includ codul surs ¦i trebuie s permit
distribuirea in cod surs precum ¦i compilat.</P>
<LI><P><strong>Produse derivate</strong>
<P>Licen‘a trebuie s permit modificri ¦i derivri ¦i
trebuie s permit distribuirea acestor produse derivate Žn acelea¦i condi‘ii
ca cele ale licen‘ei originale.</P>
<LI><P><strong>Integrity of The Author's Source Code</strong>
<P>Licen‘a poate restric‘iona distribuirea codului sursa
sub form modificat _<strong>numai dac</strong>_ licen‘a permite
distribuirea de "<tt>fi¦iere "patch"</tt>" Žmpreun cu codul surs
cu scopul de a modifica programul la compilare (build time).
Licen‘a trebuie, Žn mod explicit s permit distribuirea de
software creat prin modificarea codului surs. Licen‘a poate
cere ca produsele derivate s poarte un alt nume sau alt versiune
decŽt softul original. (<em>Acest lucru este un compromis.
Debian Žncurajeaz to‘i autorii s nu
restric‘ioneze nici un fi¦ier, surs sau binar de a fi modificat.</em>)</P>
<LI><P><strong>Nu se face nici o discriminare Žntre persoane sau grupuri</strong>
<P>Licen‘a nu trebuie sa discrimineze Žmpotrive nici unui grup sau grup de persoane.</P>
<LI><P><strong>Nu se face nici o discriminare bazat pe cŽmpul de activitate sau utilizare</strong>
<P>Licen‘a nu trebuie sa restric‘ionezepe nimeni de a face uz de
program Žntr+un cŽmp specific de activitate. De exemplu, nu poate
restric‘iona programul de a fi folosit Žntr-o Žntreprindere, fabric,
sau pentru cercetare genetic.</P>
<LI><P><strong>Distribu‘ia Licen‘ei</strong>
<P>Drepturile ata¦ate programului trebuie s se aplice tuturor
celor crora programul le-a fosr redistribuit fr a fi nevoie de respectarea
unei licen‘e adi‘ionale de ctre aceste pr‘i.</P>
<LI><P><strong>Licen‘a nu trebuie s fie Debian</strong>
<P>Drepturile ata¦ate programului nu trebuie s depind de faptul c
programul este sau nu parte a sistemului Debian. Dac programul este
luat din sistemul Debian ¦i folosit sau distribuit Žn afara lui
dar respectŽnd termenii licen‘ei programului, toate pr‘ile
crora programul le este redistriuit trebuie s aib
acelea¦i drepturi ca cele garantate de folosirea in cadrul sistemului
<LI><P><strong>Licen‘a nu trebuie s contamineze alt software</strong>
<P>Licen‘a nu trebuie impun restric‘ii asupra altui software
care este distribuit Žmpreun cu softul licen‘iat.
De exemplu, licen‘a nu trebuie s insiste ca
celelalte programe Žmpreun cu care este distribuit s fie
"free software".</P>
<LI><P><strong>Exemple de Licen‘e</strong>
<P>The "<strong><a href="">GPL</a></strong>",
"<strong><a href="misc/bsd.license">BSD</a></strong>", and
"<strong><a href="">Artistic</a></strong>"
Acestea sŽnt exemple de licen‘e pe care le considerm "<em>free</em>".
<P><EM>Bruce Perens a scris prima versiune a acestui document
¦i a rafinat-o datorit comentariilor programatorilor Debian
Žn timpul unei conferin‘e e-mail, timp de o lun Žn iunie 1997.
Mai tŽrziu, el a eliminat referin‘ele explicite la Debian din
Ghidul Debian "Free Software" pentru a creea &ldquo;Defini‘ia
Open Source&rdquo;.</EM>
<P><EM>Alte organiza‘ii pot folosi ¦i prelucra acest document.
đn acest caz, v rugm s acorda‘i creditul necesar men‘ionŽnd Debian.
Traducerea rom‚neasc a acestui document este conform cu originalul
Žn spirit, pe cŽt posibil. Pentru clarificri v rugm s v referi‘i la original.
đmbunt‘iri ¦i sugestii privind aceast traducere sŽnt binevenite.
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