Commit b3b9d3fc authored by Bastian Blank's avatar Bastian Blank

Update mirrors member list

CVS version numbers

english/intro/ 1.564 -> 1.565
parent 9dc1f5bc
......@@ -429,10 +429,12 @@
<note <gettext domain="organization">If you have hardware problems with Debian machines, please see <a href="">Debian Machines</a> page, it should contain per-machine administrator information.</gettext>>
<job <a name="db" href=""><gettext domain="organization">LDAP Developer Directory Administrator</gettext></a>> <genericemail>
<job <a name="mirrors" href="$(HOME)/mirror/"><gettext domain="organization">Mirrors</gettext></a>> <genericemail>
<current>Bastian Blank
<current>Joerg Jaspert
<current>Simon Paillard
<current>Raphael Geissert
<current>Peter Palfrader
<member>Felipe Augusto van de Wiel
<member>Raphael Geissert
<member>Simon Paillard
<job <a name="dns"><gettext domain="organization">DNS Maintainer</gettext></a>> <genericemail>
<job <a name="pts" href=""><gettext domain="organization">Package Tracking System</gettext></a>> <genericemail>
<member>Rapha&euml;l Hertzog
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