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just a page listing all other pages in this directory, so that the directory index doesn't show

CVS version numbers

english/intro/index.wml: INITIAL -> 1.1
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#use wml::debian::template title="Introduction to Debian"
<p><a href="about">About Debian</a>.
<p><a href="free">What Does Free Mean</a>.
# <p><a href="license_disc">Comparison of Software Licenses</a>.
<p><a href="why_debian">Reasons to Choose Debian</a>.
# <p><a href="cooperation">Cooperation with the FSF</a>.
<p><a href="organization">Debian's Organizational Structure</a>.
<p><a href="search">Information on how to use the Debian search engine</a>.
<p><a href="cn">Information on pages available in multiple languages</a>.
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