Commit d59bc5c1 authored by Josip Rodin's avatar Josip Rodin

Actually, no attempt to alleviate these errors should be done, it

needs to simply die so we notice (I should have anticipated that
missing english pages would happen in the first place)

CVS version numbers

english/sitemap.wml: 1.3 -> 1.4
parent a6810123
......@@ -26,9 +26,10 @@ sub title_of {
if ($page =~ /\/$/) { $page .= "index.wml" } else { $page .= ".wml" };
# print STDERR "page: $page\n"; return;
$page = "$ENGLISHDIR/$page" unless (-f $page);
my $title = `egrep '^#use .* title=' $page ` if (-r $page); chomp $title;
die "$page doesn't exist!\n" unless (-f $page);
my $title = `egrep '^#use .* title=' $page `; chomp $title;
$title =~ s/^#use .* title="([^"]+)".*$/$1/;
$title = $_[0] if (!$title);
die "can't find a title in $page!\n" unless (($title) || ($title eq ""));
return $title;
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