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Add some information about how organizations can contribute to Debian

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......@@ -128,4 +128,36 @@ people who find that they can get much more involved in Debian will <a
href="$(HOME)/devel/join">join the project</a>, but this is not
always required.</p>
Your educational, commercial, non-profit or government organization
may be interested in helping Debian using your resources.
Your organisation can
<a href="">donate to us</a>,
<a href="">form ongoing partnerships with us</a>,
<a href="">sponsor our conferences</a>,
<a href="">provide gratis products or services to Debian contributors</a>,
<a href="">provide gratis hosting for Debian service experiments</a>,
run mirrors of our
<a href="">software</a>,
<a href="">installation media</a>
or <a href="">conference videos</a>
or promote our software and community by
<a href="">providing a testimonial</a>
or selling Debian <a href="">merchandise</a>,
<a href="">installation media</a>,
<a href="">pre-installed systems</a>,
<a href="">consulting</a> or
<a href="">hosting</a>.
You could also help encourage your staff to participate in our community by
exposing them to Debian through using our operating system in your organisation,
teaching about the Debian operating system and community,
directing them contribute during their work time or
sending them to our <a href="$(HOME)/events/">events</a>.
# <p>Related links:
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