Commit e45bd95e authored by Josip Rodin's avatar Josip Rodin

first try at sitemap (obviously not finished yet), uses some tags from menubar

CVS version numbers

english/sitemap.wml: INITIAL -> 1.1 
english/template/debian/links.tags: INITIAL -> 1.1 
english/template/debian/menubar.wml: 1.172 -> 1.173
parent c95f82d6
#include "$(ENGLISHDIR)/template/debian/links.tags"
#use wml::debian::template title="<sitemap>" BARETITLE=true
#include "$(ENGLISHDIR)/releases/info"
# Don't translate this file, it will only make you look stupid.
sub title_of {
my ($page) = @_;
# special cases
if ($page eq "") { return "<mailarchives>" }
if ($page eq "") { return "<search>" }
$page =~ s/^(.+)#(.+)$/$1/; # remove anchors (will handle this later)
$page =~ s,/stable/,/potato/,; # kludges,
$page =~ s,/testing/,/woody/,; # kludges...
if ($page =~ /\/$/) { $page .= "index.wml" } else { $page .= ".wml" };
# print STDERR "page: $page\n"; return;
$page = "$ENGLISHDIR/$page" unless (-f $page);
my $title = `egrep '^#use .* title=' $page`; chomp $title;
$title =~ s/^#use .* title="([^"]+)".*$/$1/;
return $title;
<define-tag linkto whitespace=delete>
<a href="%0"><:= title_of("%0") :></a>
<table border="0" width="100%">
<td width="50%">
<li><linkto "intro/about">
<li><linkto "social_contract">
<li><linkto "international/">
<li><linkto "partners/">
<li><linkto "donations">
<li><linkto "events/">
<li><linkto "contact">
<li><linkto "related_links">
<li><linkto "misc/merchandise">
<li><linkto "misc/awards">
<li><linkto "News/">
<li><linkto "News/weekly/">
<td width="50%">
<li><linkto "releases/">
<li><linkto "releases/stable/">
<li><linkto "releases/testing/">
<li><linkto "distrib/">
<li><linkto "distrib/packages">
<li><linkto "distrib/ftplist">
<li><linkto "distrib/vendors">
<li><linkto "distrib/books">
<li><linkto "ports/">
<li><linkto "support">
<li><linkto "doc/">
<li><linkto "doc/ddp">
<li><linkto "security/">
<li><linkto "Bugs/">
<li><linkto "MailingLists/">
<li><linkto "">
<td colspan="2">
<p><linkto "devel/">
<p><linkto "$(SEARCH)">
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